What Do We Do, And Why?

Answer: Lots of things!  But all for a common reason.

Since starting Little Green Duck we’ve realised that limiting yourself to one area of focus, one way of life and one direction professionally can stifle creativity and create a cycle of monotony that’s difficult to break. 

We want to do things differently. In 2018 it hit us that unless we made some big changes as a business and as a family, we’d be blindly following a path that wasn’t making us truly happy. 2019 is the year all the hard work comes together and our new life becomes a reality.  

Have a read below to find out more about the four main things we care about:

Vegan Food And Lifestyle

Where it all began! We first started by sharing all the vegan food we were enjoying and the recipes we were creating in the process. Things soon evolved  and now we write about all things vegan – in the hope we can show people just how easy, exciting and tasty it can be.

If you’d like to find out more click the links below:

Food and Recipes



Family World Travel  

The big one! In June 2019 we’re taking our two children (age 3 and 1) on a round-the-world adventure. After months of deliberating, what-ifs and planning, we’re finally doing it.

We plan to sell everything, including our house, to reconnect as a family and help our children learn about the planet through first-hand experiences.

To read our travel blog or to watch our videos click below:

Travel Blog Posts

Our Videos


Eco and Sustainable Living

We’re always looking for new ways to make our lives and our business more sustainable and much more planet-friendly. From zero-waste shopping to using ethical and green products, we always have one eye on the planet.

Have a read of our blog posts or find out more about our  sustainability coaching service by clicking below:

Eco Consultancy

Eco Blog

Lady Copywriting on laptop

Professional Services

We provide a range of professional services from writing and content creation to coaching and business consultancy.

Have a look at our services pages for more detail or contact us with an outline of your requirements for a quote.

Services We Offer

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We're Taking Our Two Young Children Travelling!

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