Copywriting and content for sustainable, plant-based and ethical businesses

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Copywriting and content for sustainable, vegan and ethical businesses

There’s a reason I love working with business owners like you.

You’re part of a pretty epic club. A purpose-driven, passionate bubble of really good people, who know the way we do business has to change to protect our planet and everything living on it. 

There’s so much you want to say about your business. And you know the best way to do that is through engaging, inspiring writing.


…one or more of these is slowing you down:


You have none. You sometimes even feel like you have less than none.

It’s all zapped away doing everything else.


Your business means everything and you know exactly how you feel about it.

But you can't find the words to do it justice.


Those three letters evoke something between mild unease and full-on dread.

Where do you even start with optimising your copy?

Helping you get back to what you’re passionate about

 I will help you speak to your audience effectively (and regularly) so you can concentrate on all the other areas of your business. 

You know, the bits you’re amazing at.


Hi, I'm Katie.

I love the sea, my slightly-too-noisy children and ALL the savoury snacks. Salt and vinegar crisps are a particular vice, if you want to know what to bring to our next meeting.

I have a passion for all things ethical, sustainable & plant-based, and I love helping my clients engage and connect with their customers.

I write copy and content that takes your passion and speaks to the very souls of your target audience. 

Because even though I’m working for you, I’m writing for them.

Purpose-driven words for purpose-led businesses

You’re amazing at making sure your business is everything your customer or target audience wants. But finding the time and energy for copy and content writing seems a bit too much right now.

Your story has a right to be shouted from the rooftops because your business is a game-changer.

It’s time your written content reflected that

What my actual, real-life clients say

“From the first time we spoke, Katie’s passion for our business was obvious. She listens to how we want to communicate with our users, provides insightful feedback and delivers well-researched ideas and strategy – and always on time!

Katie is immersed in the sustainable living and ethical world, which means that she truly understands what we are trying to achieve and is as invested in our company’s success as we are.

This leads to content that we are proud to have published in our name. 

Katie isn’t just another freelance writer – she is an essential part of our team!”

Lars & Helene, Founders, Ailuna

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I know, I know. You just want this whole writing thing to be done, right? So it’s not niggling away at you when you’re trying to do something…no…everything else.

Drop me an email below and let’s set up a call.