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You’re a business owner making a positive impact on the world

I’m a drizzle of visibility hot sauce, giving your business a spicy kick to reach more of the right people. Let’s amplify your impact together 🔊

If your brain is feeling more muddled than Mr. Messy’s midriff, or you’ve got a corker of an idea but you need someone to help you actually execute the damn thing – consider me on board. That stuff is my bag.

You can scroll down to read more of my words. Or, like my right hand into a big bag of salt and vinegar crisps, you can get stuck straight in, by booking a free 20-minute diagnosis call, to help you work out exactly what you need. Just call me Dr Visibility*

*Not an actual doctor.

What can I do for you?

Strategy (aka Ducks in a Row)

The one where you come to me with a brainful of virtual spaghetti and go away feeling like you actually can get your business seen because we’ve made a plan to do exactly that. 90 minutes (plus extras 🔥of solid visibility action.

➡️ Line up those ducks

VIP (aka Get Visible, Stay Visible)

The one where you need someone by your side for a little longer. Think regular visibility refreshers, continued momentum and business friend by your side to get you through the sludge and help you ride the highs in style.

➡️ Me, well and truly in your corner

Extra eyes & hands on your business (aka Project Management & Planning)

You have a new thing to launch or a BIG IDEA in your business brain, but the thought of going it alone with the actual execution has stopped you in your overwhelmed tracks. I present to you, project planning & management.

➡️ Talk to me about your thing


I’m Katie, visibility mentor, project planner, brain unmuddler and cheerleader extraordinaire.

You started this thing to do some good in the world and I’m going to help you to shape how you get your business seen. Oh and it’ll fit in around actually running the thing and all of the life stuff too – because otherwise what’s the point?

Where's the proof?

(it's right here)

I feel so much more organised and less muddled

There was no pomp or huge promises, just a ‘let’s get this done’ vibe which was exactly what I wanted. 

Katie made me feel as though I could really do it. It felt like such a positive session that got me out of my own head and out of my own way.

If you want to just get yourself out there and for it to feel pretty simple in the process then definitely go speak to her!

– Amy, Kind Tide

I feel more confident and I like I have the tools to move forward

Working with Katie is a fantastic way to get your specific questions answered and your roadblock lifted quickly.

I had a strategy in place, but it didn’t go into the details of how to take action.  I ended up with some tangible, and easy, actions I could take right away.



 – Jeanne, Spark & Bloom Studio

Thank you for reassuring me that I’m not talking b*llocks

I was pretty sure about my mission, values and messaging, but I was very unsure about communicating them.

 I was also unsure what kind of strategy would get me seen by the right people but would also suit me, my life, my family, and other commitments. 

You’ve gently nudged me in the right direction so that I feel far more positive about my next steps.

– Kate, Sea Change Multilingual

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