Photo of Katie, sustainability copywriter, leaning against a garden wall, smiling

Sustainability Copywriter: Helping ethical and plant-based companies tell their story

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a sustainability copywriter, based in the heart of the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, UK.

I’ve been writing for over 15 years, mainly in a commercial and bid management capacity. When I took the leap from the broadcast industry to becoming a full-time copywriter I knew it was time to focus my efforts on areas that resonate with my own values and interests.

As a sustainability copywriter, I provide professional writing, editing and proofreading services for blogs, websites, press releases, commercial bids, newsletters and email marketing. I have been writing my own blog since 2018, which predominantly covers eco issues and vegan food. I did take a small deviation in 2019 into the world of travel blogging, when my husband and I took our two young children travelling for 9 months.

If your business has sustainability at its heart, and you need someone with a passion for eco and plant-based issues to help tell your brand’s story, drop me a message!

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