The Instavegan Interviews – Part 2

Getting to know my favourite vegan Instagram accounts.

I’m very excited to introduce to you another one of my favourite vegan Instagrammers. This week’s interviewee is Lucy, AKA @vegan_lucy_york, who is one of a handful of people I have discovered on Instagram, then realised they live too far away from me to go out for dinner and drinks with in “real life”. Damn you Yorkshire/lack of teleporting. Anyway, here she is!



Lucy is a 37 year old mum of two from York. She first discovered the benefits of a plant based diet when she decided she was sick and tired of being sick and tired and began to try to battle her chronic illnesses with food. Having discovered the atrocities within the meat and dairy industries, she is now vegan for life. She is trying to eat freshly prepared food with local produce, but with so much delicious vegan junk food being introduced all the time, a mix of the two is the order of the day!
She enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her family, exercising in the pool, the odd glass of white wine and looking for tasty new recipes!
You can find her on Instagram @vegan_lucy_york


How long have you been vegan and what initially motivated you to make the change?

I have been vegan for nine months, initially to work on improving my health, but after learning more about the suffering of animals I realised I couldn’t call myself an animal lover and not be vegan!

What inspired you to start posting about your vegan journey on Instagram and what have been the best bits so far?

I started my Instagram as a journal of my meals, just for myself really! Then I discovered hundreds of supportive people sharing tips, advice and friendship and realised what an amazing platform it is for vegans. The best bits have been all the new foods I have tried due to meals shared by others.

If you could only follow 5 instagram accounts for the rest of your life which ones would they be?

Ooh, this is a tough one – there are so many amazing accounts! @marta_greenolive_nutrition for her fabulous health advice, for her amazing transformation and food, @hetface for just being a lovely human, @carly_182 for her lovely recipes, and of course you – @littlegreenduck for family goals, giggles and inspiration.

This was TOUGH – I could easily keep going!

Can you list the 10 ESSENTIAL food items you always have in your cupboard, fridge or freezer…you know, the stuff you NEVER let run out because you use it so regularly.

Lentils, chickpeas, kale, porridge oats, Oatly Barista, all the nuts (I can use this as one, right 😂), seaweed thins, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes.

What’s your favourite vegan recipe to make?

Lentil ragu – so simple and healthy and can be served with so many different things! For example, I like mine with fresh greens and rice, the kids like it with spaghetti and garlic bread! Recipe is here.


Is there anyone you follow or admire that you’d particularly like to meet in real life?

I’d love to meet Earthling Ed – he just seems so calm and down to earth and sends off really good vibes.

Tell me about your friends and family. Are any of them vegan too? How have people close to you as a whole embraced your vegan journey?

There have been ups and downs to be honest! Our household is now entirely vegan and my husband has joined me in eating plant based. My best friends mum who was vegetarian has decided to become vegan after learning more from us. Some family members have been greatly supportive and others not so much, I think people need to make the connection for themselves.

Would you rather have an avocado for a nose or slices of tofu for ears?

Tofu for ears for sure (as long as I can still hear with them!)

What’s your greatest vegan food creation?

It has to be one of our roast dinners with Yorkshire Puddings!



If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is interested in taking the leap to being vegan, what would it be?

Go for it! The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. Seek advice, support and inspiration on Facebook and Instagram.

Which 5 words would you use to describe the vibe/ethos of your Instagram account?

Family friendly, down to earth, simple, tasty, encouraging.


What is the question you’re most regularly asked by your followers? Or the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

I often get asked to recommend places to eat in York – always happy to answer! Not really been asked any weird questions – but there’s always time!


Do you have any big plans for the next few months that we should look out for?

Just more of the same really- sharing food and finds, and always there to offer support for those who need it. Also trying to move into a more environmentally friendly/ less waste lifestyle, so will be hopefully sharing more of that journey!

Thank you to the lovely Lucy for agreeing to be involved with this series – please go and give her a follow on Instagram and I look forward to sharing another favourite with you next week!


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