The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 2 – Cake Week

It’s week 2! As I explained in my post on why everyone should watch Bake Off’s vegan episode , it’s a common misconception that cake has to have butter and eggs to make it work. This is not true! So I’ve scoured the internet to find recipes that get as close as possible to each of the remaining contestants’ cake creations, to help you make cruelty-free versions of whatever you fancy from this week’s episode.

So, here we go with cake week, no eggs required.


Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these recipes, but if you do, please tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Challenge 1 – Signature Bake

Terry – Rum & Raisin Traybake with dark chocolate ganache and candied walnuts

I found: Peveril Blog’s  Vegan Rum & Raisin Cake with Happy Healthy Mama’s Vegan Chocolate Ganache and Minimalist Baker’s Spiced Candied Nuts.

variety of brown nuts on brown wooden panel high angle photo



Antony – Cardamom and Coconut Burfi Traybake – almond frangipane, pineapple jam, coconut buttercream

I found: Love Food Eat’s cardamom scented white chocolate cake with Yumsome  coconut burfi. vegan frangipane from Lucy’s Friendly Foods, pineapple jam from Light Orange Bean and coconut buttercream frosting from Baked By An Introvert.

Briony – Turron and Orange Traybake – orange pastry base, almond sponge, chocolate ganache on top of turron.

I found: Vegan chocolate turron from Simple Vegan Blog, vegan sweet shortcrust pastry (just add juice and zest of one orange to this) from Charlotte O’Leary on BBC Food and almond cake from The Buddhist Chef.

Dan – Black forest gateau traybake with vanilla cream

I found: Black forest cake from Lazy Cat Kitchen (just make this in traybake form instead of as a cake – and add vanilla extract to the cream – done!)

red cherry fruit on brown tree branch

Jon – Lemon Meringue Traybake, lemon and rosemary sponge, white chocolate topping

I found: Wallflower Kitchen’s  lemon meringue cupcakes – just make the sponge into traybake form and add finely chopped rosemary. For the white chocolate topping I’d go for another one from Wallflower Kitchen, this vegan white chocolate buttercream frosting.

sliced of citrus lemons

Karen – Almond and marzipan traybake with rhubarb jam, custard royal icing, custard powder. Edible food paint.


I found: Almond cake from Cute + Delicious, rhubarb jam from Holy Cow Vegan, vegan royal icing from The Blenderist and these amazing edible food paints from Amazon!

Kim-Joy – Pandan chiffon cake with palm sugar cream – pink royal icing, sugar spirals

I found: Eggless pandan sponge cake from Vege Angel, The Blenderist’s royal icing again (just add pink food colouring,) and coconut whipped cream from Minimalist Baker 

coconut fruit sliced into two

Luke – Lemon and poppy seed traybake, white choc and mascarpone topping, candied lemon

I found: Vegan lemon poppy seed loaf from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken, the topping from One Green Planet’s pistachio cake and A Clean Bake’s candied lemon peels.

Manon – Rosemary and honey cake with pistachio nougatine

plant blur leaves green

Photo by monicore on

I found: Honey cake from Epicurious (just add rosemary), and nougatine, also from Epicurious (just sub out butter for vegan spread).

Rahul – Lemon and Cardamom Traybake – italian meringue buttercream, lemon curd, cardamom pods

I found: Lemon and cardamom cake by Cook A Life By Maeva, aquafaba Italian meringue buttercream by Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery and lemon curd from The Loopy Whisk

Ruby – Boozy black forest traybake (kirsch syrup, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate drizzle, chocolate sponge)

I found: Vegan black forest cherry cake by Allison Duncan on Shape, with Happy Healthy Mama’s ganache again and to make the white chocolate drizzle simply melt dairy free white chocolate in a bain marie and drizzle it over your cake. Voila!


Technical challenge – Le Gateau Vert-Vert De Claude Monet.

bamboo bamboo whisk board bowls

I found: vegan pistachio cake from One Green Planet, vegan buttercream (add crushed pistachios and spinach colouring for a super-green colour) from The Spruce Eats.

Cake week done! Please let me know if you end up making any of these – tag me on Facebook or Instagram for a chance of a share.

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  1. Wow thanks for rounding these up Katie – I watched Bake-Off last night and they look so yummy I might even try a couple of these.

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