The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 6 – Pastry Week


OK, so I think this whole Bake Off thing is actually sending me a little bit insane now. I’m a day late posting this because I seriously hurt my shoulder yesterday (rolling over in bed – probably need to strengthen my shoulder muscles).

I love a bit of pastry, and it’s a very common misconception (there are loads of these aren’t there?) that pastry HAS to have butter in it. It doesn’t. Hurrah for vegan pastry!

Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these recipes, but if you do, please tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Let’s do this!

Challenge 1 – Signature Bake – Samosas

I LOVE a samosa, and I have never thought to put anything other than normal, traditional vegetables in them. And SWEET ONES? OH MY. Let’s have a look and see what I can find to veganise these bad boys.



Briony – Beetroot, Spinach and Walnut Samosas/Mascarpone, Golden Syrup and Peanut Butter Samosas

Savoury: Baked Beetroot Samosas from The Belly Rules The Mind. This doesn’t include a pastry recipe so if you need one, I’d suggest this one from My Food Story.

Sweet: I have a feeling I’m going to point you at this recipe quite a few times this evening! A variety of vegan dessert samosas from Love Is In My Tummy – to recreate Briony’s I suggest trying the Banana Toffee filling but perhaps adding some whipped coconut cream and peanut butter?

closeup photo of red beets on plate

Dan – Stilton, Pear and Walnut Samosas/Caramelised Hazelnut and Banana Samosas

Savoury: Pear and Blue Cheese Samosas from My Parisian Kitchen (NOTE: these are not vegan – sub the cheese for shop bought vegan blue cheese or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try this vegan blue cheese recipe from Full Of Plants)

Sweet: Love Is In My Tummy Again! Banana toffee filling again! (Just add finely chopped walnuts)


Jon – Chicken & Pesto Samosas/Orange & Creme Patissiere Samosas

Savoury: FFS Jon, one of only two people to use actual meat in their samosas. I wouldn’t usually suggest a meat sub in a recipe like this but I really think the Fry’s Family Foods chicken-style strips or perhaps the Vivera pulled veggie would work really well in this. Pastry wise, go for the My Food Story pastry and for vegan pesto I’d suggest this one from Minimalist Baker. Maybe add some chopped sundried tomatoes too?

alternative background color cooking

Sweet: The same pastry as above, with this vegan pastry cream from The Vegan Chef, using orange instead of lemon.



Kim-Joy – Paneer Samosas/Apple Chai Samosas

Savoury: Tofu and Mixed Veg Samosas from Bawarchi

Sweet: Apple pie samosas! This is from that Love Is In My Tummy recipe again. I can’t wait to try some of these.


Manon – Chicken Tagine Samosas/Tarte Tatin Samosas

Savoury: I’d use the My Food Story pastry again with this Moroccan Vegetable Tagine from The Mediterranean Dish as the filling.

Sweet: Good old Love Is In My Tummy Apple Pie Samosas again. I’m definitely making these. Definitely.

close up of fruits hanging on tree


Rahul – Paneer Singara/Misti Singara 

Savoury: Paneer =  tofu again, how about this recipe for Baked Tofu Samosas (no apostrophe!) from My Kitchen Adventures.

tofu on white bowl

Sweet: Misti Singara from Priya Food My Way



Ruby – Traditional Samosas/Orange, Date and Almond Samosas

Savoury: Punjabi Samosas from Holy Cow Vegan.

full frame shot of green peas

Sweet: Date and Frangipane Samosas from Halal Gems.

Technical challenge – Puits D’Amour

I found: Right, we’re going to have to break this one down into its component parts because apparently nobody’s ever made these in  vegan style. Here’s Prue Leith’s recipe from the Bake Off site for reference and instructions once you’ve got all your vegan components.

Puits d’amour are made up of:

Rough puff pastry – easy! Vegan puff pastry from Delicious Everyday.

Strawberry and raspberry compote – even easier, this is vegan already so just use Prue’s recipe.

Creme patissiere – also easy as I’ve mentioned it above. Thanks The Vegan Chef.

Choux pastry – thanks to Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery for the vegan choux pastry recipe from her vegan eclairs. Which I will be making by the way because I LOVE eclairs.

baked baking chef dough

That’s it. Another week done, and next week is VEGAN WEEEEEEEEEK. This means I can have a night off, sit back, enjoy the show and not worry about scouring the internet for alternatives. Whoop!

As always, Please remember to tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you make any of the recipes above so I can share them.


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