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An open letter to 10-year-old me

Dear 10-year-old Katie,
I’m writing this from the year 2020. I know, it feels a long way off, doesn’t it?

You’ve just turned 38, and you and your family have just experienced your first (and hopefully last) global pandemic. Lots of people in the world died and it was a scary, confusing and disruptive time for everyone. But don’t worry, you’re OK.

WE DID IT – We’re Travelling The World With our Children

What? We Actually Did It!

Before this post, I started writing about the people I encountered when selling everything we owned on Facebook Marketplace. But that was stirring up all the anger and frustration I was so keen to leave behind. So instead, I’m just going to write this rather triumphant, self-indulgent and emotional post. Because, after almost a year of plotting and planning we are TRAVELLING THE WORLD WITH OUR TWO CHILDREN.

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We're taking our children on a round the world trip - FAQs answered

Round The World With Children – FAQs

First thing’s first. I’ve been toying with writing this for a while but, in the current circumstances, I feel a bit of a fraud. As it stands, we leave with our two children on a round the world trip in 36 days. For those of you who don’t know, this trip happening relies on our house selling before we go. And it’s not selling. We’re told there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just taking time and that it WILL happen. This and all the other reassuring stuff I’m not sure is just stock estate agent talk or the genuine truth. Either way, it’s making for a rather tense, uncertain and potentially massively disappointing build-up to our trip of a lifetime.

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