Sustainable Kids – Helping Babies and Young Children To Be More Eco-Friendly

eco-friendly parenting pinterest pinKids Cost The Earth

Having children is (mostly) amazing. But it’s no secret that it is a pricey business. According to the research I’ve done, the cost of raising a child to his or her 18th birthday is anywhere from £75,000 to £200,000, depending on whether you’re including childcare costs and the fact you need a larger property to accommodate a child or children.

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Are Fireworks Vegan?

“Urgh, not another thing we can’t enjoy. Why can’t you vegans just back off and let us have our harmless fun?”

OK. About the fun police thing. I’ll start by saying, rather aptly for the subject, I’m really not trying to p*ss on anyone’s bonfire. But we’re in the age of the likes of QI telling us that avocados aren’t vegan (eyeroll emoji or do they have a point?).… Read more

Why Isabella Tree’s Rewilding Is Not The Answer To The Planet’s Problems

It seems every week there is a new take on how we should be eating and living in order to avoid Earth’s (inevitable?) demise. Veganism is in the press almost daily, and the meat and dairy industries are in a state of panic over the rise of plant-based alternatives. As the world becomes more educated on the practices that contribute to the production of their food, and the health benefits of reducing your consumption of animal products, there are lots of little scraps going on about what THE RIGHT THING TO DO is.… Read more