Travel Happy – How To Pack For A Stress-Free First Holiday With Your Baby

When we were first time parents, the thought of taking our baby on holiday was, frankly, terrifying. We didn’t know what we were doing at home, let alone somewhere else and the amount of STUFF they seem to need was a bit overwhelming. Fast-forward to baby number two and we realised, that with a bit of streamlining and organisation, it’s actually easier to travel with a small baby than it is with a toddler.… Read more

3 Super Powers Everyone Inadvertently Gains When They Have Children

I have to admit, having two young children, I wouldn’t generally describe myself as having super powers on an average day – particularly the tantrum-filled days that immediately follow a night of ridiculously broken sleep. However, I read this post by fellow Surrey parenting blogger, Craig Freeman (aka Rambling Dad) yesterday about how, as parents, we are water-saving heroes without even realising it, and it got me thinking about other powers we mystically and magically gain when we become parents.… Read more

A Message To The Woman I Met In Pret Today: Why I Need New Friends Even Though I Already Have Good Ones.

Making New Friends Is Easy, Right?

Having children changes friendships. It changes your friendships with people who don’t have children, your friendships with people who have slightly older children than yours and even with those who have children the same age.  These aren’t always negative changes though. Some of my friends without children have become as close to my kids as they are to me.… Read more

Goodbye Winter, Hello Adventures! 10 Things I Really Want To Do With My Kids Now The Weather’s Improving

I wrote this post less than a month ago when the snow was JUST melting. Now we’re on the verge of sunshine and 20 degree temperatures I’ve revisited it to remind myself what we’re planning for the warm weather. Read on for ideas and hopefully a bit of summer adventuring inspiration…





I don’t know about you but I’m READY.… Read more

Why Having Another Baby Has Made Me Expect Too Much From My Toddler

It’s been quite the period of parental soul-searching for me in the last week. I’m not sure whether 6 months of night feeds, early waking, juggling two children and general exhaustion has finally caught up with me or whether starting this blog has made me think about how I’m really feeling about everything but it’s certainly all coming out!… Read more

“Me Time” vs What’s Right For My Baby

Why motherhood is a constant tug of war, with my own mind.

“Mum Guilt”

It’s no secret that motherhood can stir up some pretty confusing and often conflicting emotions. “Mum guilt” is such a well known phenomenon that hashtags relating to it (#mumguilt, #mummyguilt, #momguilt etc) feature over 50,000 times on instagram alone.… Read more

Why “Sleep When The Baby Sleeps” Doesn’t Work For Me


“Get some rest when the baby is asleep”

It’s an age-old saying that, in theory, makes perfect sense. I’m pretty sure most parents have been advised to “leave the housework” or “don’t worry about anything else” and to SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS.

Now, assuming you have a baby/child that naps for longer than 25 minutes at a time, this strategy is a sensible suggestion.… Read more