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Easy Vegan Alternatives To Your Favourite Non-Vegan Meals

Want to eat less meat but think you’ll miss out on your favourite dishes? It doesn’t have to be like that!

When Paul first told me he was going to go vegan overnight I felt a mixture of emotions. On a positive note, I had massive admiration for his forthright determination to live according to his principles despite what anyone says or thinks of him. In fact this is probably his biggest strength in life in general, which is how we’ve ended up not conforming with what’s “expected” of us, and why we won’t just adhere to what other people’s ideas of success are. So thanks Paul xxx

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Cruelty-Free Christmas – The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Feast

Keeping Christmas Alive

It’s no secret that your average non-vegan Christmas day menu is traditionally packed with animal products. From the milk chocolate selection box in your stocking, to the turkey dinner, to the eggnog you enjoy (does anyone actually enjoy eggnog??), it’s not a particularly animal-friendly affair.

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Cruelty-Free Kids: The Best Vegan Baby and Children’s Shoes

Walking (Barefoot) Across A Metaphorical Minefield

(Photo was not taken in an actual minefield)

So, who knew that shopping for kids’ shoes would be such a vegan conundrum? When our littlest baby started walking around 3 months ago, off we went to Clarks, as we had when our daughter needed shoes nearly 2 years ago. The difference? We weren’t vegan back then, so just picked a pair we liked the look off and we were done. So when we looked around Clarks we noticed that all of their Pre-Walker or First Steps shoes seemed to contain leather or suede. So where the hell could we get some cruelty-free baby shoes that still looked (and felt!) good for our little one?

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The Instavegan Interviews – Part 10

Getting to know my favourite vegan Instagram accounts.

Hello! It feels like AGES since I’ve brought you one of these interviews, and I’m sad to say this is the last in the series….for now at least. Thanks so much to everybody who has taken part – it’s been an absolute joy sharing your stories.

For my final instalment, I interviewed the brilliant Amy Stuckey, who runs the Instagram page @allthingsveganuk.

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Are Fireworks Vegan?

“Urgh, not another thing we can’t enjoy. Why can’t you vegans just back off and let us have our harmless fun?”

OK. About the fun police thing. I’ll start by saying, rather aptly for the subject, I’m really not trying to p*ss on anyone’s bonfire. But we’re in the age of the likes of QI telling us that avocados aren’t vegan (eyeroll emoji or do they have a point?). So there’s bound to be other debates that come up and as it’s the time of year for them, I decided to do a bit of research into how much fireworks align or conflict with choosing to live a vegan lifestyle.

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