The Instavegan Interviews – Part 8

Getting to know my favourite vegan Instagram accounts.

Part 8 is here! My latest interviewee is someone I’ve followed from the very beginning of my blogging journey so I’m particularly excited about sharing her answers. Hello Sophie Bullimore!

Sophie (or Soph) is a 26-year-old from Hertfordshire. She is a vegan food blogger, loves creating new recipes especially cakes/desserts, enjoys long runs, is a passionate kindness advocate and loves autumn walks with her two little dogs.
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The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 4 – Dessert Week

No favourites here but…

…DESSERTS! My favourite!

This week is going to be a good’un because I know it involves meringue and if I had £1 for every time someone told me you can’t make meringue without eggs I’d have about £64.

Let’s get dessert-ing!

Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these recipes, but if you do, please tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook.… Read more

The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 3 – Bread Week

Bread Week Bread Week Bread Week!

Did I mention it’s BREAD WEEK?

I’m so excited about this episode…firstly because I love a bit of bread and secondly because cake week was pretty labour intensive because of all the components of each bake I had to find. I’m hoping that, because bread is USUALLY vegan, this week’s bakes should be a bit easier to find recipes for.… Read more

The Instavegan Interviews – Part 6

Getting to know my favourite vegan Instagram accounts.

Welcome to part 6 of the Instavegan Interviews – I’m absolutely loving all of the responses from the people involved and still have a few more lined up for you. So without further ado, please say hello to Gemma, aka @veganfoodie_gems.

Gemma is a foodie from Glasgow who loves sharing how delicious, fun and  fabulous living a cruelty-free lifestyle can be!… Read more

The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 2 – Cake Week

It’s week 2! As I explained in my post on why everyone should watch Bake Off’s vegan episode , it’s a common misconception that cake has to have butter and eggs to make it work. This is not true! So I’ve scoured the internet to find recipes that get as close as possible to each of the remaining contestants’ cake creations, to help you make cruelty-free versions of whatever you fancy from this week’s episode.… Read more

The Great British Bake-Off Vegan Style: Episode 1 – Biscuit Week

As you saw from my recent post, I am very excited that Bake Off will feature a vegan episode this year! However, I’m a strong believer that pretty much everything has a vegan equivalent out there. So I’m using this year’s Great British Bake Off as a challenge. I’m going to try to source or suggest vegan alternatives to most of the recipes the bakers make each week.… Read more

Why Isabella Tree’s Rewilding Is Not The Answer To The Planet’s Problems

It seems every week there is a new take on how we should be eating and living in order to avoid Earth’s (inevitable?) demise. Veganism is in the press almost daily, and the meat and dairy industries are in a state of panic over the rise of plant-based alternatives. As the world becomes more educated on the practices that contribute to the production of their food, and the health benefits of reducing your consumption of animal products, there are lots of little scraps going on about what THE RIGHT THING TO DO is.… Read more

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Bake Off’s Vegan Week

Why The Great British Bake Off’s vegan episode is great news for everyone, even non-vegans.

I’m not the only one who was happy to hear that Channel 4 and Love Productions’ series The Great British Bake Off will feature a completely plant-based week in its upcoming series. Vegans everywhere are feeling a little bit more included in a world where, frankly, you can be looked on as a bit extreme or weird.… Read more

The Instavegan Interviews – Part 5

Getting to know my favourite vegan Instagram accounts.

Whoop! Number 5. I love the fact that even though all these people are so different from one another, there are always some consistent points that come up that tie each of them together (mainly reasons for being vegan and some of there storecupboard essentials) – it all reminds me about the lovely sense of community between us all.… Read more