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A day in the life of a Duck Pond member – Christen Gilchrist

In the first of this insight into the days of actual, real-life Duck Pond members, I’m so excited to welcome Christen Gilchrist to feature first. Christen is a Mindset Coach, specialising in working with eco entrepreneurs.

Thanks so much, Christen, for taking the time to share this with us – over to you!

Who am I?

Hi, I am Christen Gilchrist, Expert Mindset Coach specifically for Eco Friendly Entrepreneurs. I help my clients with overwhelm, stress, change, vision and taking action! Alongside many years of coaching, I also have a big interest in helping people who are helping the world. I see it as if I can make them the best version of themselves, get over any internal barriers, then they are in a better position to make a wider impact on the world! You can find me over on Instagram, my handle is, so come and give me a little follow over there for a tonne of value and tips!

Kickstarting my morning

Every morning I wake up and have a cup of tea (believe me when I say you don’t want to speak to me without it!). I’ve tried to change this habit many times but the only time I succeeded was when I was travelling and that was only because it wasn’t available! I have 2 within an hour of getting up, without fail.

Once I’m up and about, it’s off to my computer to get started for the day. First thing is to review what I worked on the day before. It helps me get my brain into gear and, more often than not, sparks creativity on an idea I was working on yesterday.

Before getting right into it, I make sure that my social media is sorted for the day. This could be anything from creating a few story posts, checking I have enough photos for the coming weeks or writing content.

Social media plays a massive part of my day, every day. I think you have to learn to love it to stop it from becoming a real demotivator.

Coaching time!

Next up it’s time to start preparing for my first coaching call. This starts with reviewing my notes from the previous session. I’ll also look through my resource bank to see what tools might come in handy. Sometimes I’ll need a completely different tool (if the conversation takes a different direction) but I still like to be prepared and consider how they might work well for the client.

I’ll also spend this time researching new tools that might also be useful. There are so many resources out there.

I will always take the time to look at the client’s social media for the past week too, to see what has been going on for them.

All the prep done, it’s time for the call itself.

After my call, I’ll spend at least 10-15 minutes engaging with other accounts on social media. Honestly, sometimes it’s longer depending on whether I stuck in the ‘scroll hole’! Let’s be honest, though, it all helps to build that authentic relationship, so it’s not time wasted.

Spending at least an hour each day researching (at intervals, not all at once), I’m looking at anything from current topics to new coaching trends. I have a subscription to ‘Morning Brew’ which I read every day!

Filling my day with joy

During the moments of spare time in my day (I like to stay busy!) I enjoy:


I read 10 pages or spend 10 minutes reading a book each day. It’s always non-fiction and I’m currently re-reading Working Hard, Hardly Working by Grace Beverley, and reading Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson for the first time.


I like to mix it up to make sure I don’t get bored and really enjoy the social aspect of exercise/group classes. Some of my faves are:

– Going for a long walk with friends

– Bootcamp outside in the fresh air

– Session with my PT

– Sculpt class

Collaboration/Accountability Group

I have several people from the coaching world that I keep in touch with weekly. These amazing ladies give me inspiration, hold me accountable and generally keep me in the right frame of mind.

Sometimes I can feel like not working at all and then I’ll speak to them and I’m set to crack on with things before I know it.

Learning and development

I’ve always got a course on the go! My favourite in recent months has been …

Lastly, as if that wasn’t enough, I spend some time every day working on my new 12 week group coaching programme by designing slides, looking for good content and getting it ready for its launch!

How the Duck Pond has benefited me and my business

The biggest benefit I’ve seen from being a member of The Pond is meeting new people from different areas of work. I have found in previous communities that it is full of people in the same area of work (which is great because of course we all have different experiences) but learning from people that are not in the same line of work as me has been the most beneficial to me.

My favourite feature of The Pond

I love the Duck Pond for the blogs and five-minute wins, I love reading them and find them very useful. Aside from that, it would be the accountability in the group.