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The Duck Pond – FAQs

The Duck Pond – FAQs

Signing up be part of a new membership or community is a big step if you don’t know exactly what to expect. This round-up of questions I’m asked regularly about becoming a Duck Pond member will hopefully help shed some light on what it’s like to be part of the Pond.

If you have any more questions, I’m always available by email:

Firstly, What is The Duck Pond? 

The Pond is a membership and community for purpose-led and purpose-curious business owners. Before I go on – by purpose-led, I mean businesses that are founded upon strong core values of sustainability, ethics or giving back to society. “Purpose-curious” means any business owner that would like to become led by purpose and has an interest in embedding good into their business in some way. There is no such thing as “not purpose-led enough” in the Pond. As long as you WANT to make a difference, you’re in.

Who is The Duck Pond for? 

As I mentioned above, The Duck Pond is for any small business owner with an interest in or passion for sustainability, ethics, giving back and changing the world!

It’s a safe, friendly space for you to share your wins, ask advice, feel supported and encouraged, learn and make friends. 

How does The Duck Pond work?

Our members pay a monthly fee to access expert help and advice, resources and a community of like-minded business owners who really get what running a purpose-led business feels like. So you can get clear on what you want to achieve and use all of our amazing resources to actually get there, with a crew of cheerleaders with you every step of the way. 

How much is it?

Please click here to see current pricing. I never offer discounts, as I don’t feel it’s fair on existing members.

What stage of business do I need to be at to benefit? 

Lots of people I have spoken to feel like they’re far enough along with their business to benefit from being a member.

Here’s the good news: our members are all at different stages! Some haven’t even set their businesses up yet and need support getting started. Some are 1-2 years in and are ticking over but want to expand. Some are already established and need support, community and accountability. 

If you fit into any of these categories then the Duck Pond can help you. 

Is The Duck Pond for product or service based businesses?

Both! Any! We have a really good mix of both product and service businesses in the Pond, everyone is welcome.

Is there anyone the Duck Pond isn’t for? 

Yes! I am a firm believer in your niche and your personality being your biggest assets. 

So the Duck Pond is not for you if: 

  • Your product or service is not focused on some kind of purpose or you’re not interested in trying to make a difference with your business. Whether that’s an eco-friendly product or a vegan food business or a service provider who works with 3rd sector or social enterprises. Everyone in the Duck Pond is balancing purpose and profit, or moving in that direction. And we love them for it. 
  • You like everything to be very polished, corporate, professional, complex and heavily academic. The Duck Pond is friendly, inclusive, informal and fun! I don’t want stuffiness or self-importance. I want genuine people with their genuine personalities showing up and being themselves. It’s all about the authenticity. 


How do I get involved?

Simply click here to go to the main Duck Pond signup page, and you can become a member today.

What’s inside? 

As well as a group of like-minded business owners, all with different goals for their company, but with a common aim to make the world a better place, the Pond has:

  • The Community. Arguably the most valuable and important element of being a Pond member. The community and support that you get in the Pond are second-to-none. We are very lucky to have an amazing group of humans. Even if I do say so myself.
  • Guest expert sessions. Each month, we host a new guest expert. You can either join live and ask questions, or catch up with the replay when the time is right for you.
  • “The Monthly Quack” – The Quack is our monthly informal members’ online get-together. We generally have a loose topic or theme, but these sessions are mainly a way to catch up with each other’s news and have a friendly break in your day.
  • Five-Minute Wins. One of the most precious things to us as small business owners is TIME. Five-Minute Wins are small, manageable pieces of action you can take in your business. Minimal time, maximum impact!

Ooh and we also have TWO Duck Pond Spotify playlists, one to help you concentrate, and one to help with motivation.

How much time will it take up each week/month?

The last thing any membership wants to be is overwhelming. That’s why we make sure that nothing is compulsory, everything is recorded and you can do things in your own time, on your own terms.

Our Facebook group is fairly active, but members rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes per weekday there, depending on what’s going on. 

Our live sessions usually take place at 10 AM UK time and last an hour – there are two per month (The Monthly Quack and our guest session) and I always give plenty of notice of exactly when they are happening.

Recordings are available forever – and are not designed to be “caught up on” when you find the time. They are there when you need them, they are rarely time critical and we definitely don’t expect you to get through them all. Think of replays as a resource, not another to-do list item or online course that you must complete.

We send out a monthly update which contains links to anything you might have missed, as well as a preview of the month to come. You’ll also get live session invites direct to your calendar.

Can I speak to a current Pond member about their experience before joining? 

Yes, of course you can. Get in touch with me,, and I’ll send some current members your way. 

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