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Freedom from your visibility stuckness in 90 minutes

Imagine the relief of identifying your biggest visibility challenges, refocusing your energy and getting clear on how you can get your business noticed, consistently


Ducks in a Row is a 90-minute visibility deep dive (with extras – read on!) that helps you navigate the confusing waters of visibility, and get your business seen by your ideal customers. It’ll leave you feeling energised, motivated and feeling more confident in how and where you promote your business.

This package is for you if you’ve tried courses and “DIY learning” (aka Googling everything!) and have created results in your business. But now you’re ready for the personalised attention of 1:1 visibility support because you know that this is what will unlock your full potential and supercharge the work you’ve already done. 

Firstly, you’re not alone – in two ways:

1: LOADS of other people feel like this!

2: I’m here to support you in boosting the visibility of your business and helping you to make the impact you know you can make with the right strategy in place.

What my actual, real-life clients are saying about Ducks in a Row

I feel so much more organised and less muddled

It felt like such a practical session. There was no pomp or huge promises, just a “let’s get this done’ vibe which was exactly what I wanted.

Katie made me feel as though I could really do it. It felt like such a positive session that got me out of my own head and out of my own way. If you’re feeling stuck and want to just get yourself out there and it to feel pretty simple in the process then definitely go speak to her!

Amy Wright – Kind Tide

Introducing Ducks in a Row

If you’re ready to get stuck into getting unstuck and create a visibility plan that feels good and WORKS, Ducks in a Row is here for you.

What’s involved?

Step 1 - The Audit

You’ll complete my visibility questionnaire.

This helps me to see exactly how you’re feeling & what you’re doing, and help to identify the areas of business visibility you most need support with.

Step 2 - The Snoop

I will work through your questionnaire.

I'll then do a thorough investigation into everything you've tried so far so I can identify what's working, what could be tweaked and what you could ditch.

Step 3 - The Call

This is when you'll really start to feel better!

At the start of our 90 minutes , we'll decide on the areas of visibility that you would like to tackle. We will then take our deep dive together and make a plan to move forward with.

Step 4 - The Plan

You'll be ready for action - enter the action plan!

I’ll create a personalised 1-page action plan full of suggestions, links, resources and next steps, to keep you moving forward with your visibility efforts.


The bonus check-in!

Isn’t it frustrating when you sign up for a course or programme, and you come away buzzing with ideas, motivation and energy – but then life has other ideas and your motivation & good intentions get a little….watered down? 

 I’m not going to let that happen to you.  When you book a Ducks In A Row package, you’ll get a FREE 15-minute check-in call, to use any time up to 8 weeks after your initial session. Think of it as a motivation & self-belief refuel.


Does this sound like exactly what you need? Secure your session now to sign up & pick your slot:

Want to ask questions or see if you like my vibe before hitting go? Book a free, no-obligation chat:

Hi, I’m Katie, business visibility mentor to company owners who want to increase their business profile and increase their positive impact. I’m here to help you identify where your biggest visibility challenges lie, then create a clear plan to move forward with (that you can start to action immediately – no more hesitation!)

Over the last 4-and-a-half years, I’ve built a brand that feels completely me, attracts the people I REALLY want to be my clients and feels good to shout about. And I want to show you that you can do the same without your brain exploding with overwhelm.

My approach combines helping you to identify the areas you want to tackle with practical advice, support & accountability. And fun – we’re going to have a lot of fun together because a bit of laughter and lightness makes everything feel easier. Also, I’m a bloody awesome cheerleader – I’ll be coming at you, metaphorical pompoms at the ready.


More client love

Anonymous Business Coach

I feel like a huge cloud has lifted! I was feeling lost and didn't know what to do next. I love the action plan too.

Thank you for helping me see a way forward, and for keeping me accountable.

Jeanne - Spark & Bloom Studio

It's a fantastic way to get your specific questions answered and your roadblock lifted quickly.

It was really nice to end up the call with the tangible, and easy, actions I could take right away

Anonymous Copywriter

Thank you! I feel more enthusiastic about trying a few different strategies & I liked the relaxed atmosphere of the chat.

I especially liked your views on not forcing things if they don't feel natural or good to me.

I don’t do one size fits all

Because visibility as a business is very individual, it doesn’t feel right to promise a specific “transformation” here. Your business and your needs are unique, and so your outcome is also going to be unique.

I realise that not showing you a clear path to an exact end point is unconventional, but I’m not a fan of people telling me what success looks like and how I should feel at the end of a process, so I’m not going to do the same to you.  We’re going to work out your path together.

What I can tell you is that if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with any element of the visibility of your business, we’re going to get to the bottom of it and do some serious unsticking.

Pricing: Ducks in a Row

Personalised visibility deep-dive
£ 300
or 2 x £150 instalments
  • Visibility questionnaire
  • My eyes all over your business
  • 90 minute video call to tackle your challenges & make a plan
  • Bonus 15-minute check in

Previous unstickings

Here’s a list of some of the ways past clients have used this package:

  • Working on & setting clear, defined content pillars and brainstorm a month’s worth of content

  • Deciding which visibility activities & platforms are best suited to their business & objectives

  • Working together to create an email automation welcome sequence to free up time

  • Collaboratively reviewing and editing website copy to improve conversions

  • Putting together a 3-month content strategy including blogging and social media

  • Discovering and deciding on ways to get your business visible without social media

If you don’t see what you need listed here, don’t worry – if it falls under the broad umbrella of visibility (ie getting your business noticed), then book a free chat with me to find out how I can help you work through your specific question or challenge.