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At Buttercup Learning, Rachel has spent a lot of the last 6 months making a huge effort to make her business website more eco -friendly. Rachel has kindly agreed to allow me to share her list of eco-friendly website tips, bookmarks, tools and resources with you, to help you do the same. 

Why is having and eco-friendly website important?

As Rachel outlines at the beginning of her list of incredibly useful links to help make your business website more eco-friendly, “one person’s footprint might be quite small. But the collective amount of the world’s digital usage is huge and already accounting for over 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions…which is more than the aviation industry!”

Whilst most of us know that taking fewer flights can help reduce our personal carbon footprint, reducing your digital impact and making your website more eco-friendly is only just becoming a more widely talked about topic.

If you’re a business owner who is trying to operate in as low impact a way as possible, looking into ways you can have an eco-friendly website that also looks great is a great step. 

Ready for the eco-friendly website resources bank?

Of course you are! Click the button below to access Rachel’s comprehensive list of links, resources and ideas for an eco-friendly website and helping your business be greener as a result.

Need more ideas? If you’re looking for tips on how to create content for your eco-friendly website, this guest post from Kim Scotland about creating amazing website content would be a great next stop.

About Rachel & Buttercup Learning

Buttercup Learning offers sustainable and eco-educational services and products that allow all children to succeed in learning about the natural world and provides them with practical guides to sustainable living.

The company’s vision is to be the planet’s advocate by providing education on sustainability and the natural world to young children and families across the world; to create  educational content that inspires a whole generation of environmentalists.

Buttercup’s founder, Rachel Mills is an educator, animation producer and an eco-conscious Mum. She’s been on her own sustainable journey for about 25 years. After having her daughter, she was inspired to set up Buttercup Learning. The business idea came to her as she watched her daughter grow and discover nature around her. Her daughter’s insistent “why” questions on every detail and her own emerging understanding of the problems of climate change, plastic pollution and habitat loss made her realise that a learning portal was required. Rachel launched Buttercup Learning, combining her passion for nature, education, animation, and applied learning technologies to support children’s understanding of the world.

Find out more by visiting the Buttercup Learning website