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Flock Together: Virtual Networking for business owners who care about more than just profit

Next event: 17th September 2024

Networking for people who don’t necessarily love networking. Join one of our friendly, informal sessions for business owners who want to make new connections, collaborations and partnerships. Bonus: you’ll go away with a feeling that you’re not alone in this business life. Which we all need, right?

Our next session date is on Tuesday 17th September at 1PM (UK). 

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Being a business owner is a rollercoaster of excitement, terror, highs, lows and everything in between. It can also feel incredibly lonely. The switch towards more solo working setups has made us very aware of how essential community and connection is when it comes to running our businesses and getting them seen by all the right people.

Did you know that collaborating and connecting with business owners with similar values is as important as engaging directly with your ideal customer? 

There are THOUSANDS of business owners who are feeling the way you feel, facing the challenges you face and want to root for you and your success. Every one of them has a slightly different business, a slightly different strategy and slightly different needs when it comes to connecting with other business owners. 

This is why we Flock Together.

It’s networking for business owners who care. You can choose whether you pitch or just listen in, and our breakout rooms are small, with a suggested topic which you can either use as a prompt or go freestyle and just chat amongst yourselves.

Hi, I'm Katie, your Flock Together host


As well as being a massive email marketing geek, I like to think of myself as a matchmaker for business owners. Two of my true loves are community and connection, and there’s nothing that thrills me more than seeing the businesses I’ve brought together collaborating or becoming friends.

I help you and your business to connect, reduce overwhelm and self-doubt, make friends, make money (it’s not a dirty word!) and make an impact whilst always being mindful of the individual values your company was founded on. 

My duck sidekick here is called Salty. You’ll see a lot of him – he is a big fan of popping his head up at every opportunity.

*A quick note on the word “free”. Whilst this session is free to join in terms of money, I will collect your email address during the sign-up process. Your personal data, and having the privilege to send you emails is still valuable to me, so I’m only using the word “free” in relation to money, and I promise to always be respectful of and grateful for the other stuff.

I’ll say it again: Community and connection are SO IMPORTANT.

Every single career move, business partnership, client and new venture I’ve made since I started my first full-time job at 16 has been the result of the connections and contacts I’ve consciously sought out. I want that for you too.

Do you want…

More visibility?

To find your ideal client or customer?

A collaboration or partnership?

Or perhaps you just need a timely reminder that there are plenty of business owners just like you. People who aren’t just looking at their bottom line, they’re also looking to make a positive impact in their own unique way.

If any of this resonates, this networking session is for you!

Sign up now and join us for the next session on 17th September 2024