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Duck Pond Monthly Content Roundup – August 2021

Here’s a roundup of all the content Duck Pond members enjoyed in August 2021, along with a preview of what’s to come in September.  If this post gives you a touch of FOMO, head to the Duck Pond home page to find out more and become a member today. 

Before I go into the usual stuff, I wanted to first thank every single one of The Duck Pond members for the amazing support, reassurance, and general loveliness you were able to provide each other during our recent Friday support thread. What a fantastic group of humans we all get to spend our time with. A few people have contacted me to say how nice it was to be invited to share struggles rather than always feeling like they have to be in “win mode”. So, I’m going to make the last Friday of every month a support thread, to give you a regular outlet for any tough stuff.

Now, onto what else has happened this month…

Five-Minute Wins

Here are all of our five-minute wins for August, all of which have a focus on tech & digital marketing:

Five-minute metaphorical junk drawer clear-out. Ditch the metaphorical cables and make some space in your mind. 

Five-minute SEO refresh. Create some fresh content without actually creating fresh content.

Five-minute software update. Keep yourself and your business running at optimal levels.

Five-minute Google My Business. 

Resources & Replays

The Monthly Quack. In the Monthly Quack, we met Chris, our resident tech expert for the month, who answered tech questions and suggested useful tools and sites.

Guest Session: Screaming Frog SEO Spider Demo with Chris. Chris gives a demo of Screaming Frog SEO Spider and what you can do with it.

Guest Session: Christmas PR for your small business with Pippa Goulden. Pippa provides us with actionable advice and tips to nail your business Christmas PR.

What’s happening in the Pond in September?

The Monthly Quack. In September’s Quack, bring a problem, challenge, or question to the group and we’ll collectively help you resolve it. This takes place on Tuesday 14th September at 1000 BST.

Guest expert session. Join us for a small business inclusivity session with Anita Phagura, on Tuesday 28th September at 1000 BST.

If this post has made you want to be a part of the Duck Pond community, tap the button below to find out how to become a member today.