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April 2021 Duck Pond content roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of all the content Duck Pond members enjoyed in April 2021.  If this post gives you a touch of FOMO, head to the Duck Pond home page to find out more and become a member today. 

Five-Minute Wins

April has had a strong sustainability focus and our impact-led 5-minute wins have been some of the most popular to date. Here they are at a glance:

Five-Minute website impact. This has been a really useful exercise for a lot of people and it’s been great to see so much action being taken. It’s definitely got me thinking about ways I can reduce the environmental impact of my website and I’ve started by removing unnecessary images and seriously compressing the rest. Still lots to do but everything is a work in progress!

Five-Minute email cleanup. Spending some time cleaning up and organising your inbox is another good way to reduce your digital footprint.

The search engine challenge! Switch your browser to plant trees with every search!

Five-Minute ethical banking. Assess your current bank using this tool to check it fits with your values and switch to a more ethical provider. Also available for energy suppliers and pensions!

Resources, downloads, references and guides

Purpose-led awareness days calendar. A full year of awareness days that are relevant to nature, sustainability, people and purpose.

The Monthly Quack. We collectively tackled some challenges in our businesses in this brilliant session. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thank you so much for being so generous with your time and knowledge to help other Pond members. You’re all awesome.

April guest expert session with Tim & Nancy. If you aren’t a Duck Pond member, it’s worth joining just for the replay of this one. Sustainability consultant and strategist, Nancy and owner of a certified B Corp, Tim, shared their tips, experiences and knowledge of the B Corp certification process.


What’s happening in the Pond in May? May’s content theme: Marketing and Social Media.

The Monthly Quack. In May’s Quack, we will be discussing ethical sales and marketing and how we can make sure we’re not inadvertently employing shady tactics to get more sales. This session takes place on Thursday 6th May at 9:00 AM UK time.

Guest expert session. Our guest expert for May is Duck Pond member and advocate for doing social media differently, Alexis. Alexis will be covering topics that some of you have already asked about, and answering all your social questions. The session takes place on Thursday 27th May at 10:00 AM UK time.

Bonus session: In May there will also be a bonus session from business coach Delphine Ingelaere. Delphine will be talking about building good habits and how to apply these methods to your business. This session is on Tuesday 11th May at 10:00 AM UK time.

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