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February 2021

Here’s a quick roundup of all the content Duck Pond members enjoyed in February 2021. you have also missed a LOT of excellent GIFs in the Duck Pond members-only Facebook group. Our GIF game is strong.
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Five-Minute Wins

We’ve had some good little actions for big impact over the last few weeks…here is a list of all of February’s Five-Minute Wins, in case you missed any.

Five Minute Copywriting – The Competitor Review Trick. This is such a good tip if you’re looking for language and phrases that your actual target audience will identify with. And it’s super quick to build up a bank of ideas to use later.

Five-Minute Outsourcing. A quick exercise to identify ways (free and paid!) to free up some precious time.

Five-Minute Unsubscribing. Lose some of the noise and constant email notifications!

Resources, downloads, references and guides

As well as our bite-sized guides, we’ve added the following resources to get your teeth into:

You Don’t Need Linktree! Do this instead. This has definitely been one of the most popular tips to date! If you missed it, go and check it out now because it’s SO simple yet so effective.

The Monthly Quack. Our first ever Monthly Quack took place on 11th February and it was lovely to catch up with everyone. PS: Public thanks to Russ for the name BTW, I didn’t give him credit last time.

The Duck Pond Sessions. My first ever job as a 16-year-old was in a record shop so whenever I can get music into my life I do it. The first in the series of The Duck Pond Sessions is called Concentration. My children played quietly for HOURS to it last weekend so hopefully, it’ll have the same magical effect on you.

Copywriting Q&A. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and everyone who joined live – this writing session was full of good stuff and helped members go from copy-MEH to copy-YEAH! 

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