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December 10th 2020 to January 31st 2021

A slightly longer content roundup than we will have throughout the rest of the year, as it incorporates our launch period at the end of 2020, as well as all the content our members had access to in January 2021. 

Five-Minute Wins

The Five-Minute Wins series has been well-used over the last few weeks and I’ve loved seeing your updates about what you’ve been tackling, bit by bit.

Here’s what’s been added since we launched:

The Pomodoro Technique – how a tomato can revolutionise your workday. And don’t forget to download the fillable Pomodoro planner.

The Five-Minute SEO Challenge – give your SEO the once-over and identify some quick-to-fix issues. Don’t forget to post them in the Facebook Community so we can all help you get things fixed!

Secure your Instagram! This is a really quick but really important step to take to protect your hard work and content creation. If you only do one thing on this list, do this one.

Don’t forget to look after yourself with two yoga for busy business owners sessions with Melina. The shoulder one has been a saving grace for me because I spend most of my days with my shoulders up by my ears!

Five Minute Link Building – Testimonials: One of the key parts of SEO is building backlinks to your site. This tip will give you some easy wins and make another business owner feel great in the process!

Five Minute Copywriting – Your Value Proposition: February might be official Duck Pond copywriting month (catchy!), but that hasn’t stopped the copywriting tips dropping in January (can’t help myself!). Have a look at this guide to writing an awesome value proposition

Five Minute Calls To Action:My upcoming Copy Confidence course is going to seriously bang on about the importance of calls-to-action everywhere in your copywriting. This 5-minute challenge will set you on the right path.

Resources, downloads, references and guides

As well as our bite-sized guides, we’ve added the following resources to get your teeth into:

The SEO Style Guide for Business Bloggers & SEO template

Blogging Prompts to save you staring at a blank screen for hours (can also be used for social media)

Got a new course, product or service launching soon? Don’t miss our guide to launching without paid ads.

Does your sales copy not convert people into paying customers? Or do you not know where to start with writing copy that makes people want to buy from you? Have a look at my five rules of writing copy that converts to make your audience want to buy what you’re selling right now.

Business Podcasts collection: As requested, here’s the link to all the business-related podcasts Duck Pond followers & members suggested. I’m slowly working my way through them all. Very slowly, because people keep asking me for snacks.

Find Time with Leila Ainge: Business psychologist Leila shared some insight into procrastination personality types, as well as some systems and tactics for keeping our productivity on-track. You can watch the replay here, as well as downloading Leila’s procrastination personality types sheet and her slides from the session.

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