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March 2021

Here’s a quick roundup of all the content Duck Pond members enjoyed in March 2021.  If this post gives you a touch of FOMO, head to the Duck Pond home page to find out more and become a member today. 

Five-Minute Wins

As March has been PR month in the Pond, we have had a lot of PR and comms-related five-minute wins. Here they all are at-a-glance:

Five Minute PR Review. 
A great exercise in reflection and remembering what works for you and your business when it comes to visibility & PR.

Five-Minute Undercover Investigation. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Give it a try to see what you find out.

Five-Minute Feelgood. This is a lovely way to make someone else feel good and boost how they feel about you and your business, too.

Five-Minute Link Fixing. Broken links = bad PR/customer experience. Spend some time tidying up anything that might not be working.

Five-Minute Reflection. It’s been a weird few months, so let’s reflect on some of the stuff we’ve achieved even through the full-on-ness!

Resources, downloads, references and guides

As well as our bite-sized guides, we’ve added the following resources to get your teeth into:

The Monthly Quack. During this session, we brainstormed blog & social content ideas and we got SO much out of it. 

March guest expert session with Jack & Grace.  And what a fabulous session it was! 


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