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I love the fact that this community of business owners is made up of such a range of offerings, knowledge and experience. To help share the business love, I asked subscribers to my weekly newsletter, PECKS (find out more here), to submit their blog posts. Ready to see what I’ve collected so far? This list will grow as more submissions are received so please remember to check back!

Charge More!

Helen Hill shares some really valuable tips on how to charge your worth. Read it here.

Best Year Ever

Kate Browning of Cherry Blossom Management shares how she’s going to make 2022 her best year yet. Read it here.

Jack & Grace Twice

The team at Jack & Grace have been busy tackling two important but very different topics. Firstly, this podcast episode is focused on the subject of assisted dying, featuring Phil Newby, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at age 43.

The next post is really interesting if you concentrate on working with clients who align with your values. How to say no to work that doesn’t sit right with you. Read it here.

No More Charred Sausages

I told you we had some variety of knowledge in this wonderful community, didn’t I? In her latest post, Rebecca from Tentshare has put together a REALLY handy camping meal plan. Full of flavour and variety, but all zero waste. Not a charred sausage in sight. Read it here.

SMART objectives

This super helpful post from small business HR consultant Katie Elliott details why having SMART objectives is so important in your business. Read it here.

Should We Stop Talking About Being Green?

Proofreader Emma Hewlett shares her thoughts on how a shift in the words we use could have a powerful effect on how much humans want to protect nature. Read it here.


Watch this space

As I said above, this post will grow as more submissions are received. And if you’d like your post included here, sign up to PECKS now and once you’re on the list, send me your links!