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As you know, people are becoming increasingly aware of social and ecological issues – from climate change to fair trade. With that awareness comes responsibility and greater desire to do good and make a difference. With 9 in 10 UK consumers saying they have become more ethical and greener in their purchasing over the last 5 years, it’s never been more important to promote your purpose-led business on social media! 

However, you’re working hard to keep your business going, juggling all the endless daily tasks AND trying to reach your dream audience on social media – it can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when you can’t always see the results.

Then the tips in this blog will really help you.

1. Freshen up pages

As we are all so immersed in our own business, it’s easy to forget that someone discovering it for the first time might not understand what you do. Take a close look to see if your bios/about section still represent who you are. Is it clear what your brand offers and what you stand for as a purpose-led business? 

Check your branding, logo, images and messaging are consistent across all platforms. Finally, check that weblinks are working and are sending people to the place you want them to go.

2. Create content that raises awareness around your purpose

Incorporate the burning issues your audience might be concerned with into social media posts. Use them to inform your audience, but also to spark conversations. It will help your followers feel connected with your brand and show your authority in the field. This could be an Instagram carousel post giving tips to reduce waste, a Facebook post on the charities you support or a Twitter poll about fair trade products. 

3. Be honest and transparent

When was the last time you showed your face on social media? Are you constantly reminding your audience about your ‘why’ and backing it up by what actions you take? It can be daunting to do, but for every business I’ve worked with it’s been the most engaging content! Explain regularly to your followers what led you to start your business. Tell them what you have achieved so far and what your future goals are. No business is perfect, so always be honest if there is an aspect of your business you want to improve. People value transparency and make sure any environmental claims you make about your business are accurate (click here to read about the Green Claims Code). 

4. Use strong headlines and CTAs

Social media is a busy place and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Draw people into your content with strong headlines, both in the copy and on the graphic. Some examples could be:

  • The True Reason I Started My Business… 
  • We have BIG news! Can you guess what it could be? 
  • How To Destress In Less Than 60 Seconds 
  • The 5 Best Ways To Be More Eco-friendly Without Spending Money (no.2 might surprise you!) 


Once you have people’s interest, make sure you leave them in no doubt what action you would like them to take – i.e. your Call To Action. Just give them one to avoid confusion. This could be asking them to DM you, visit your website, save this post, vote in a poll, or share to your stories.

5. Build partnerships with others who share your values

Running your own business can be a lonely place and building up relationships to support each other is invaluable! Whether it’s getting your favourite blogger to review your product, working with a charity, doing a giveaway with another brand or joining a community like The Duck Pond! If you stay true to your business values and partner up with like-minded people, chances are both parties will benefit from the collaboration and help increase brand awareness. 

About the author

Joanna is the founder of Social Bright, she helps plant positive businesses use social media to build their story and target an engaged & relevant audience. Joanna has worked with fantastic, purpose-led companies such as food waste fighters Toast Ale & Spare Snacks, cruelty-free watch company Votch and the UK’s Biggest sustainability awards – P.E.A. Awards. If you’re on a mission to make the world a better place but need to be doing more on social media to let people know about it – visit The Social Bright Website to find out how she can help.