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Little Green Duck is a Campaign Ambassador for Elodie’s #tacklethecrisis

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, as per usual. But I had to whir the old fingers into action today to tell you that Little Green Duck has signed up as a Campaign Ambassador for Elodie’s major new social media campaign: #tacklethecrisis.

What is #tacklethecrisis?

Simply put, it’s a way to celebrate and share all the positive environmental news and planet-positive businesses out there, because who needs doom, gloom and climate anxiety 24/7? Not me!

The campaign is headed up by sustainability consultancy and communications agency Elodie (who have the best brand story and most beautiful branding ever, by the way – you can check them out here).


My job as a Campaign Ambassador

You’d think changing the world would be difficult, but when Russ and the team at Elodie told me all I’d have to do is find happy news and companies who are making a difference and post all over social media about it, I was 100% in. So, starting today, I pledge to post at least one uplifting, inspiring or positive post with the hashtag #tacklethecrisis every single week. Let’s flood social media with the good stuff and create a wave of change (see what I did there?). I’ll be mainly posting on Instagram and LinkedIn, so come and give me a follow if you’re not already.

#tacklethecrisis pledge

You can #tacklethecrisis too

“HOW, KATIE?!” I hear you cry. Well, there are a few ways.  I took a screenshot from Elodie’s campaign page that sets it out nicely and saves me typing it all out:

#Get involved with #tacklethecrisis

Anything else?

Yes! I really want to hear from you if you are a planet-positive business or you have a good news story to share. I really want to share stories from people in my extended network, so drop me a comment below or email me to tell me all about it.

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