Vegan Cake and Biscuit Recipes To Make With Your Children: Quick and Easy Baking With Kids

Looking for the best vegan cake and biscuit recipes to make with your kids? Look no further. Baking with your children is one of the best ways to keep them entertained and being vegan doesn’t need to deprive you of that enjoyment.… Read more

A Message To The Woman I Met In Pret Today: Why I Need New Friends Even Though I Already Have Good Ones.

Making New Friends Is Easy, Right?

Having children changes friendships. It changes your friendships with people who don’t have children, your friendships with people who have slightly older children than yours and even with those who have children the same age.  These aren’t always negative changes though. Some of my friends without children have become as close to my kids as they are to me.… Read more

Recipe – Easy and Delicious Vegan Banana Bread

It’s fairly rare in our house that bananas go uneaten long enough to be really really ripe, but if you can keep your family’s hands off them, using up ripe bananas in this delicious gooey banana bread is the way to go. It also makes the house smell amazing AND it’s healthy to boot!… Read more