“From the first time we spoke, Katie’s passion for our business was obvious. She listens to how we want to communicate with our users, provides insightful feedback and delivers well-researched ideas and strategy – and always on time! Katie is immersed in the sustainable living and ethical world, which means that she truly understands what we are trying to achieve and is as invested in our company’s success as we are. This leads to content that we are proud to have published in our name. Katie isn’t just another freelance writer – she is an essential part of our team!”
Lars & Helene
Founders, Ailuna

"Katie has been a breath of fresh air, kick starting our marketing and giving our content new direction. In the space of a just a few weeks, Katie has created a complete marketing pack for us, showcasing the work we do and the services we provide."

"I asked Katie to work on a brief for a job description to be written in such a way that what could be seen as a “boring” job on the face of it, sounded much more exciting. From the rough outline I gave, she worked some excellent magic and the job description was perfect first time. Time frames were excellent and all adhered to and the cost, when considering the full cost of recruitment/selection/appointing was very good value money. I would recommend Katie to anyone seeking a wordsmith and I have plans to utilise her skills in the future."

“Working with Katie is a fantastic experience all-round. Her ability to understand and execute briefs is extremely impressive, regardless of the subject area she is assigned. Better yet, Katie is an absolute pleasure to work with, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. She is responsive to questions, welcomes feedback, and has an innate ability to understand subject areas through the research she undertakes. Furthermore, it is evident from the content Katie produces that she explores a multitude of information sources, going above and beyond for her customers to provide high quality copywriting services. We look forward to continuing to work with Katie as our ongoing partnership develops.”

“It’s great working with Katie, she’s so efficient and quick and as she is experienced in the broadcast industry she really understands the market. Her writing is exciting, fresh and professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs professional copywriting.”
Charlotte Wearden
Marketing and PR Manager,
Timeline Television