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A while ago, I asked subscribers to my newsletter, PECKS (find out more here), to submit their blog posts to be included in a roundup – helping them get better visibility on their content. It went down so well, I’m doing it again! Ready to see what I’ve collected so far in this round?

This list will grow as more submissions are received so please remember to check back.

Posts for business owners

These posts were written by business owners for business owners. Soak up their knowledge like the sponge that you are!

Mindful branding 

The ever-brilliant Jeanne Carlier helps us to understand how a mindful branding approach can help us to overcome the feelings of overwhelm and common fears associated with being an ethical business owners

Which CRM?

Jo Shock helps you to navigate the confusing world of CRM systems, and decide which one is the best fit for your business.

What is content marketing?

Michelle Gately explains what content marketing actually is, and how it can benefit your business.

Why is SEO important for your ethical business?

Claudia from Translate Digital Marketing explains why SEO is so important.

Mission, vision, what?

The folks at Tortuga Creative Studio have created a quick guide to really understanding your brand mission and vision. And it’s very good indeed.

Write good case studies

We’ve all heard that case studies are a powerful marketing tool, but how do you actually write one that conveys how you help people? Copywriter Megan Rose has written this cracking guide to writing a basic case study for your website

Need help with your lead magnet?

This guide from Kim Scotland will help you to set up your lead magnet with Mailerlite.

Facebook ads success

Lucy Brandram shares the 5 things you need for success with your Facebook or Instagram ads.

Sales psychology without the shady connotations

Using psychology as a copywriting tool to make sales is widely talked-about. But what if some of the tried and tested tactics don’t sit right with you? Ashley Winder explains how to consciously approach the psychology of sales copy.

My children are good teachers

It would be silly of me not to include one of my own posts here. Check out some of the business lessons my children have inadvertently taught me.

Posts for business owners who also happen to be humans with other interests

Sometimes consumer-focused business owners don’t sign up for my monthly free networking because they don’t have a B2B offering (if this is you, sign up, because making new friends and forming collaborations are important visibility tools too).

But the people who have submitted the following posts understand that you’re a human as well as a business owner. Plus their posts are very good indeed.

Solid shampoo from KIND2

Thinking of switching to solid shampoo? not thinking of switching to solid shampoo? Either way, this post from KIND2 called 5 reasons why you need to switch to solid shampoo bars is super helpful and contains some surprising (read: horrifying) stats from this years Big Plastic Count.

How to travel sustainably

Sandra from More Than Swim shares her tips for travelling in a more sustainable way.

Preloved clothes and loving your clothes for longer

The preloved clothes movement is growing and rightly so. Anna from Build A Bundle has shared two blog posts (well, I didn’t explicitly say you can’t share more than one!). The first is all about why buying preloved is an excellent idea, and the second will help you to make your clothes last longer. 

Traditional African baskets – the backstory

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE an origin story. This post from Karakorum Artisan Crafts tells us the fascinating history of their traditional African woven baskets.

Happy first birthday, MLGW!

And last but definitely not least, it’s My Little Green Wardrobe’s first business birthday. This post reflects on the how, the why and the what’s next for MLGW.

Shake it off

Thank you to Sylvia from Tremendous TRE for this fascinating post on how to get rid of aches and pains by having a good old shake (seriously, read it!)

Watch this space

As I said above, this post will grow as more submissions are received. And if you’d like your post included here, sign up to PECKS now and once you’re on the list, send me your links!