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I love the fact that this community of business owners is made up of such a range of motivations and missions. To celebrate the range of reasons people are running their businesses, I asked newsletter subscribers to tell me their “more than” or “why”. Read on to find out what people said – and if you’d like to submit yours for inclusion here, please 

Pawprints, Pilates and a Piece of Cake

Pilates instructor (and dog & cake lover!) Trudy says: “My more than is enabling people to move better so they can enjoy life to the full.”

You can check out Trudy’s website here.

Translate Digital Marketing

Bilingual writer & translator Claudia says: “I think, for me, going freelance was never about making more money. Being my own boss means that I can focus on the things that are really important to me. It’s about having flexibility, spending more time with my family, and doing something I love for ethical businesses that want to make a difference in the world.”

To learn more about Claudia’s work, click here.

Karakorum Ethical Homeware

Natasha, founder of Artisan Crafts & Ethical Homeware store Karakorum says “

My ‘more than’ is a mix of bringing fabulous and unique traditionally made items to the UK market but more importantly it is about giving back to the makers. Highlighting their skills, giving them a sustainable living and paying them fairly for their work.
Most of the items that I stock are made by small artisan groups in rural areas with little access to any market and little opportunity for other work.”.
Want to see what Karakorum is all about? Check out the website here.

Emma Hewlett Proofreading

Proofreader and Copy Editor Emma says ” it’s because I want to create a kind and sustainable planet for my kids to grow up in. I want to save the world – not much to ask. I’m struggling to articulate it properly today, but it goes something like this: I can’t change the planet by myself. We need to work together to turn those ripples into waves of change. By helping other entrepreneurs get their positive messages and services out there through clear and transparent copy that connects, we can create a bigger impact.”

Looking for proofreading or copy editing services? Emma comes highly recommended (by me, and many others in this community). Take a look at her website here.


Susana, the owner of sustainable fashion store Primaberry says “Our why is to give the chance to our customers to purchase unique items, inspired by different countries and cultures, always with sustainability in mind. We want to prove that sustainable fashion can be affordable and we also donate 5% of our profits to education and animal causes.”

You can look at Primaberry’s range and learn more about their mission here.

Buttercup Learning

Buttercup founder Rachel says “My why is because I want to make a difference and have a positive impact on the planet. By supporting young children to become curious about nature and think about the impact we can have on the planet we are more likely to see future generations thrive and take action. Imagine if every child was an eco warrior, adults wouldn’t stand a chance of having such a negative impact on the planet.”. Check out the Buttercup Learning website for more information on Rachel’s mission and vision.

Unlikely Genius

Helen, founder of learning & content design consultancy Unlikely Genius, says: “When I first launched myself in self-employment, my why was to allow me the flexibility to get my mental and physical health back. I managed to save both and now my why has grown to become building a business where I can work on the things I’m truly passionate about and influence change – mainly helping other business owners to thrive, changing attitudes to mental health and invisible illnesses and looking after our planet.”

Find out more about Helen and her work by heading to the Unlikely Genius website.

Watch this space

As I said above, this post will grow as more submissions are received. Remember to send me yours!